How exactly does Spigot Labs work?

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We leverage RFID technology paired with a cloud-based architecture to provide tremendous value to all event participants. Every attendee will get a special card or badge (or really whatever makes sense for the type of event) that is paired with a profile they create online. Every exhibitor has a special device at their booth, and they also have a profile that is created and viewed online. Whenever an attendee and exhibitor have a conversation that they want to continue post event, the attendee simply taps their badge on the reader setup on the booth. Both parties log in securely to their profiles, and are able view all interactions, and most importantly, take action. Imagine building a valuable leads list from those that visited your booth as an exhibitor. Or be able to recall which employers you visited as a job fair attendees, and write follow-up emails. As an event organizer, be able to see true counts of the number of interactions, and evaluate the monetary value of a particular booth. The possibilities are really endless.

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